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5 Questions with Heiko Kalweit

A photographer with vintage class

5 Questions with Heiko Kalweit


Check out what Heiko has to say...


1. What got you interested in vintage/retro art? 

May 24, 2008 I had a widespread key experience. At that time I was an editor and photojournalist with an agency in Berlin (Germany). Three or four times a year I had a meeting in the agency headquarters, because I used to work from home in Dortmund.

So in May 2008, I traveled to Berlin. Prior I had made an appointment with a model for a shoot the day after the meeting. I met her at Oberbaumbrücke to take photos at this old bridge and at the subway station Wahrschauer Straße which is near by.

When she appeared she wore a light blue linen dress, carrying an old suitcase. It was such a beautiful dress. She looked gorgeous. At first sight I noticed that it couldn’t be a new, contemporary dress. So I asked her where it is from. She told me the story: It was her grandmother’s dress who wore it in the 1940’s.

This was the moment or the shoot which launched my big passion for vintage and retro photography.



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The lovely models featured in the article: 

Esther lamour Tinka Demand, Susan Spades and Fräeulein von Zucker




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