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Horror In Clay

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Horror In Clay

Horror In Clay

Horror In Clay creates tiki themed barware and accessories and so much more. 



The Question of the Week!


What inspired you to create Tiki?

"I create tiki because I never grew out of a childhood love of immersive environments, themed restaurants, and haunted houses...I love being swept away and being part of a fun experience, and Polynesian pop and tiki culture is one of those.

Tiki mugs are themed restaurants made real; a little piece of the magic you can keep with you to remember how much fun you had. With Horror In Clay I take it a step further and make artifacts for places that only exist in fantasy; souvenirs from a fun spooky nightmare or an expedition into the darkest jungle. Thrilling, but safe.

The people that love tiki, retro art, pinups, burlesque, and haunted houses and steampunk have all been wonderfully accepting of my art, because they work so hard at creating fun illusions as well, so I enjoy talking to them. Lots of makers, costumers, and builders in those crowds, so I have a lot in common with them. The correct accessory can make you feel like a whole different person, and in some ways the same is true for a tiki mug."


Thank you for sharing with us this week!


See more at

@CthulhuMug on Twitter

@horrorinclay on Instagram



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Horror In Clay

Supporting Tiki