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The Sparkle of Atomic Lucite

Accessories to glamorously accent any outfit

The Sparkle of Atomic Lucite


By Society Gurl


Unique and showstopping Atomic Lucite are beautifully handcrafted brooches by the talented Melanie Shrader. Each piece a one of a kind, a display of classic retro designs to modern monster movies. Well crafted Atomic Lucite brooches and very detailed. With bold colors, fun shapes, and shimmering glitter you will definitely have a conversation with these pieces.
You can find Atomic Lucite on Instagram, Facebook, and Etsy. With a comfortable price and design range there is something for everyone. There are also custom design options.


Take a look at the video below!

My friends the Salt City Belles and I wear our favorite Atomic Lucite brooches for a day of fun!

If you'd like to order your own lovely piece, the best way to contact her is through Facebook or Instagram. But you can always contact Melanie at elliecupquake@gmail.com. And to make it even easier she accepts PayPal payments.


Instagram, Facebook and Twitter


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