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The Style Journey of Chic Style Boutique

The Style Journey of Chic Style Boutique
By Doris Hobbs

Fashion is often every little girls dream. But even by that measure, Chic Style Boutique, an on-line retro-inspired shop based in London, is that and more.

For most busy women, Persia Anderson single mother, has dreamt of creating a place where women who possess a passion for clothing, ranging from the 1950s era could buy at an affordable price point. However, Persia’s life hasn’t always been a smooth ride.

Prior to launching Chic Style Boutique, Persia found herself homeless. Four years ago, she escaped a long-term, abusive relationship to find safety 4,200 miles away in London, England with her then, twelve week old son, Max. No matter the heartache she had previously dealt with through a ten month process of disillusionment, she found sanctuary in a home and steady work as a full-time mother.

For Persia, the internal thought and vision of one day owning her own retro on-line boutique came to the surface in May 2014. Like many aspiring business owners she held herself back for many years and didn’t take the leap. In January 2017, the thought aroused once again and this time a leap of faith was taken. “As a single mother, it gives me flexibility to work around my four year old son. Max does like to help out with preparing the parcel and packages, so it’s an 'activity' we do together,” she says.

Chanel’s Karl Lagerfeld once said: “There’s no such thing as one without the other.” It’s that mother-son osmosis that makes Chic Style Boutique.

Yet Persia behind the business has remained mostly anonymous which is fine with her; she is rather camera-shy since her experiences, so her entrusted friend, Rosie McConkey models clothing from the Chic Casual catalogue. Perhaps in the months ahead you will catch Persia modeling the chic dress designs offered from her affordable boutique. Until then, she is more than happy to run the shop and oversee everything — including accounting, packaging and media marketing— where she is currently promoting her boutique by using various social media platforms; Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, with an occasional newsletter. In addition, look out for a number of Twitter polls where she will be engaging her followers to vote on styles that should be chosen and which charities will receive a donation from Chic Style Boutique that particular quarter (for example).

With goals to expand, either by worldwide shipping and eventually expanding the size of the boutique, the next level of investment in her brand and personal growth is with being more active as an advocate against domestic and animal abuse. “I've always loved animals — cats in particular,” states Persia. She found herself becoming an animal advocate in July 2013 when she discovered that her ex-husband has taken her two kittens, Oxanna and Phoenix out of spite to the animal shelter where they were euthanized. Brokenhearted finding it was too late, she vowed to never let another animal suffer from such abuse of spitefulness. “I’ve promised Max we will get a couple of kittens soon. I believe every child should have a pet, if possible. It’s very important to teach children from a young age to be kind to animals”, she says.

For now though, her return on investment is teaching her son ethics, manners and the true definition of love. “I hope he achieves his dream of becoming an astronaut. He can count on me to help him move in the right direction to make it come true,” says Persia. Until then, he stands tall as his mother’s personal assistant.

By a few accounts, 'Lady P' was the name selected before Chic Style Boutique as Persia found herself in a sticky situation, with needing a company name due to making enquiries about purchasing stock. From a number of failed logo designs for ‘Lady P’, Persia took (as she describes) five minutes to come up with — Chic Style Boutique. “I think it is more in line with all the clothing I sell; Chic Casual, Curvy Chic Casual, Retro/Vintage and Curvy Retro/Vintage - not forgetting accessories too!” As a one-woman company an interest to sell children’s clothing will eventually surface in the near future.

If you asked Persia years ago if she had this marketing plan in mind, she would’ve never dreamt of it. However, as a newly divorced single mother, she hopes her story will empower other women to start a venture of the unknowing as she shares this keynote of inspiration, “If you have hope and faith, you’re already halfway there. Never give up.”

Visit Chic Style Boutique's website: http://chicstyleboutique.co.uk/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/pg/chicstyleboutiquelondon/

Instagram: www.instagram.com/chicstyleboutiquelondon/

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