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Tribute to Raven

Our office kitty wasn't just a great assistant and pet, she was family!

Tribute to Raven


It was the fall of 2007, the leaves were turning and the pumpkins ripe for the picking when my oldest son came to me desperately wanting a cat of his own -- we had two already I thought to myself. But as we were thinking about it, fate stepped in. At my husband's work, a coworker's cat had had kittens and they were ready to find their forever home.

We went to visit the kittens and see if one might want to come home with us. We found the sweetest little girl who was wild, jumpy and lively. Perfect for our growing family. So, in exchange for the little black fur ball, we gave them a pumpkin we had grown in our garden that year. My son named her Raven after the Teen Titan character and she sure was small but mighty.

Over the next nine years Raven filled our lives with fun and love. She ended up being incredibly smart. She could always open a door or pry a screen window open to go exploring. But best of all she was a lap cat. From lap-to-lap she would sit and comfort and warm you up on any day that you needed. She was my buddy at night. Always knew when I was settling in for the evening and would set herself up right on my legs.

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Everything was going well. Our animal family was up to three cats and one dog. A little crazy, but always welcome in our home. But around the beginning of this year, Raven started to look thin. We decided to take her to the vet and found out she had kidney disease. She was still so young at only nine years old but it happens. We worked with our vet and gave her liquid and pill medicines at home, starting at once per day and then ending up being twice a day.

It took a toll on her and anyone who has cats can attest, it isn't something that cats like to do. But on we went with the treatments and she (and we) found a way to work with it.

I was on a photoshoot in the middle of Cleveland when I got the news that things had taken a turn for the worse for Raven. My husband and son were taking her to the vet for the final time. I so wanted to be with them, but their was no way to get home in time. So I gave as much support as I could through texts. And during that time on Public Square I used my one tissue to blot my tears and wait for any news.

On June 7th her suffering had ended but our love for her will always be constant.


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